Preventive Dentistry

The well known phrase from the Greek philosopher and father of medicine Hippocrates finds special application in dentistry!

“Preventing is more preferable than curing”

In order to be able to have absolute oral health you should never skip your semi-annual visit to the dentist. This way we can prevent all oral diseases from appearing and avoid painful and long-lasting dental treatments. Protecting our oral health we also protect our entire body since our overall health depends greatly on it.

A semi-annual visit to the dentist usually includes:

• Detailed clinical examination where we keep note of the findings on your digital record for immediate rehabilitation or follow-up.
• Teeth cleaning using ultrasonic scaler and AirFlow.
• Polishing of the teeth with special paste.
• Polishing and grinding of existing fillings.
• Fluoridation of teeth with special fluoride gel.
• Covering the slits of the posterior teeth with special resin material (Sealant) where necessary to prevent the installation of bacteria.

• for our new patients at the first appointment it is advisable to bring a recent panoramic x-ray.


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