Clear Aligners

Clear aligner is the orthodontic therapy using thin transparent splints made with the use of special software and are positioned successively by gradually moving the teeth to the desired position. They are an alternative to the classic braces and are suitable for both adults and children.

We offer a free clinical examination in which our dentist will give you all the information about the procedure and the cost of the treatment. Each treatment is completely customised to the patients needs. After the clinical examination if you choose to go on with the clear aligner treatment, digital impressions and photos of your mouth will be taken and sent to the specialist orthodontic laboratory that will manufacture your splint set.

The end result of your treatment will be presented to you in 3D with special software so you will know exactly how your teeth will be by the end of the treatment before it even starts.

Each splint applied slightly moves the teeth in the desired direction until the last one will achieve the smile of your dreams. At the end of the treatment, a retention wire is placed to maintain the result of the treatment.


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