In cases where just a whitening treatment is not enough to give us the smile we desire because the surface of our teeth has many cracks, deep discolourations, spots or other abnormalities that disrupt the general aesthetics of our smile, we have a solution to offer. Its non other than teeth bonding.

The procedure is carried out with minimal to no removal of dental substance, always depending on the case. It is the ultimate upgrade of your smile and can upgrade the colour, shape, size, look and / or alignment of the teeth by following aesthetic dental rules (golden ratio) to achieve the perfect result.

The pros of Bonding include:

• We upgrade the smile in one session
• Low cost
• You can repair or remodel as you wish
• No teeth substance removal is required
• You choose the desired colour for your teeth

Building the bonding is essentially a micro-sculpture technique that enables us to work together in order to produce the final aesthetic result you desire.

The whole process is completed in one appointment.

The bonding should be maintained annually in order to have maximum durability and keep the desired colour. Maintenance is carried out in the clinic at a short appointment by polishing and applying special liquid. If we are typical with our annual maintenance appointment and take care of our oral hygiene, bonding can last for up to 10 years without any change.


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