Atraumatic extraction

Forget what you have heard about tooth extraction being a violent and hurtful procedure…! Tooth extractions, when required, can be painless and almost blood-free. The modern equipment of a dental clinic and the training of an experienced dentist make it possible for an extraction to be completed atraumatic, painless and almost bloodless. Even the patient’s post-operative period is most of the time excellent, since pain, edema and post-operative bleeding can be limited to subtle and the patient can return immediately to their daily activities.

Wisdom teeth

Removal of wisdom teeth is recommended either when they have a problem themselves or when they create problems in adjacent teeth and jaws.

More specifically when:

• They present any dental damage (caries, periodontitis).
• They provoke repeatedly gum inflammation around the tooth.
• They cause damage to adjacent teeth (caries)
• They are responsible for the formation of cysts or more rarely tumors
• For orthodontic reasons, when the surrounding teeth are pushed by them and move from position.

If carers are impacted or semi-impacted and not going to become functional we believe based on accredited scientific research and our long experience that even if they do not create a problem, they should be removed as soon as possible.

It is advisable to have the procedure planned after the age of 14-15 which usually has 1/3 of the root created thus ensuring ease of operation and optimal healing of the area, better bone regeneration and avoiding future problems.


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