All-ceramic Crowns

It is the ideal solution in cases of significant loss of dental tissue (from caries, endodontic therapies, fractures, etc.) whether they are anterior or posterior teeth. In addition to restoring the tooth, a crown protects the tooth from future wear while giving it a longer life. The effect is natural as the materials we use simulate the natural teeth surrounding the crown.

The process of placing one or more all-ceramic crowns is completed in two appointments.
At the first appointment, the tooth of interest will be prepared and then digital scanned. The digital impression will be sent to the dental laboratory on the same day. The crown will be 3D printed using state of the art equipment. A temporary crown will be placed until the next and final appointment.
At the final appointment we will do the fitting of the all-ceramic crown and the final cementation.

The material of the all-ceramic crowns is either e-max or zirconium with excellent mechanical properties.

All-ceramic bridges

In cases where one or more teeth are missing and implant placement is not indicated, the construction and installation of an all-ceramic bridge is recommended. The procedure is similar to that of a single crown simply involving a greater number of teeth.

In general, all-ceramic restorations have no metal internally and are therefore color-matched to natural teeth with very good mechanical properties.


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